What You Can Do To Help

Hi, my name is Christopher Michael and this site is my attempt to gather help and support for my Momma, Judi, who is a single parent fighting third stage colon cancer.

I know that we’re not alone in this battle; as there are countless millions all around the world who are either fighting cancer or who have a loved one who has been diagnosed. Therefore, we know that we are in no way special or unique.

However, as a son who deeply loves and cherishes his Momma, I will do anything and everything I can to help her and my family stay afloat during this turbulent time.

I have a twelve year old little brother named Joseph (who goes by his middle name, Conor) and we also have a little kitten named Chloe.

She is just as much a part of our family so we wanted to make sure we mention her on here.

We are a small family but strong and resilient.

As of March of 2016 Mom has begun Chemotherapy.

The only problem is that it has been put on hold due to our only mode of transportation being out of commission. We live an hour and forty five minutes away from her Oncologist appointments in a very small rural community along the Gulf Coast called Matagorda, TX.

Since we are so far out of the way there are no shuttle or medical transportation services that can get her to these dire, much needed appointments.

This is just one of many hurdles that we are facing along this journey. Yet, we are happy to say that thanks to so many kind and generous donors from around the World Wide Web, we have garnered much support and encouragement in the form of financial contributions, prayers, get well cards and surprise gifts in the mail!

You have no idea how much just a kind word or a prayer or a word of comfort and healing mean to us.

I made this website as a last ditch effort to keep this cancer relief campaign going. You can find a link to it within the main menu of this page or by clicking here:




If you cannot contribute then by all means PLEASE share this page or her Crowdfunding campaign on your Facebook, Twitter or other WordPress blog or just anywhere and everywhere you can.

This website will be a personal blog where my momma, Judi, and my brother Conor, as well as myself, will make frequent updates about how we are progressing along on this journey which we are embarking together as a family.

Thank you so much for visiting and remember that YOU really can make a difference to our little, humble family and to our dear, beloved Momma.



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