“An Introductory Post”


Just in doing so you might make a HUGE difference to our small, humble little family.

“What situation prompted you to start a fundraiser?”

I’m making this campaign really for my Mom and my twelve year old Brother. I’m 28 years old and although I wish that I were at a place in life where I had the financial freedom and fiscal responsibility to provide for my family in their time of need; unfortunately, I am ill equipped and what little money I make is barely able enough to meet my own needs; much less provide for the rest of my family.

But this isn’t about me this is about my Mom, Judi Hunsuckle. On February 9th of this year (the day after my birthday of all things, go figure) my mom went in for a routine doctors appointment, having just got approved for Blue Cross Blue Shield through her employer after not having real standardized health insurance for several years. When she went in to the doctors office they told her that she really needed to get into the emergency room pretty quickly because her condition was very severe.

Initially she went in for extremely impaired breathing and a chronic cough that would not go away. She soon found out it was actually a collapsed node in her right lung as well as pneumonia. To top it all off her blood count was low so they found out that she is actually anemic but that she had some sort of internal bleeding going on that was causing her to lose blood very rapidly. After two emergency blood transfusions and a whole slew of lab tests and blood work she found that there was a large cancerous mass forming in her colon.

She was rushed from Matagorda Regional Hospital to CHI St. Luke’s Hospital of Sugar Land, TX where she was admitted and prepped for surgery to have the malignant portion of her colon taken out. After it was removed we waited anxiously for the pathology reports to come back from the oncologist and when they finally did the Doctor told us that unfortunately they had not removed all of the cancer; there were still 4 out of 34 lymph nodes in her colon that were still testing positive for metastasized carcinoma. Upon the doctors recommendation my mother has now moved into the next phase of treatment and has begun Chemotherapy. She had a port placement done and wears a little fanny pack with the chemo medicine that is administered throughout the day and has to go back and forth from Matagorda, TX to Sugar Land, TX just for treatment two days out of the week (Tuesday and Thursday) and then repeat that cycle every TWO WEEKS for the next SIX MONTHS prior to her receiving an evaluation.

Honestly, I am really proud of my mom. Everywhere we go she just lights up the whole room; whether it be at a community cook out, a board meeting for the Volunteer Fire Department of which she is Secretary; or if it’s in line at the grocery store or even just sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office. She takes time to treat every person she meets with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve as a human being and I have never once known her to be flashy or the type that is one to gloat. She continues to meet people all the time throughout this journey that we’ve found ourselves on and she is truly an inspiration and a source of hope and strength for so many people, even now.

 “How does this situation make me feel?”

Honestly it’s really difficult because, as the older of the two boys, I have to first and foremost make sure that Mom is happy and healthy and comfortable and not overwhelmed or stressed. But I also have to ensure that I’m keeping her in a positive mental and emotional state as well all the while managing the fear and anxiety that my twelve year old little brother is having to cope with right now too. The only thing is my brother isn’t as good at keeping his emotions bottled up inside (which really isn’t a good thing either) so I’m constantly trying to soothe him and then butter up my mom to make sure that she doesn’t get emotional over my brother being sad or scared and then I’m just here stuck in the middle like trying my hardest not to cry or break down or lose it. But I haven’t; and I won’t. I believe my Mom is going to beat this. I have not let go of that hope. I’m just making this campaign because I am only one man and my family truly needs all that we can get.

“How can people help?”

Well, honestly, anything and everything would be a tremendous blessing. My mom has such a tremendously generous and humble heart that she felt reluctant to even make this campaign because she’s like, “Well, I’m going through something along with the rest of the whole wide world”. We’re not any different or significant or special that we would deserve assistance over someone else. But we believe that you have not, because you ask not. My Brother’s Dad (my ex, step-dad) is no longer in the picture and god forbid this cancer get the best of my mom then I’m the Sole Custodial Guardian of a twelve year old boy and I am SO not prepared for that; not by any wild stretch of the imagination. So really just help with anything you can. These are some of our immediate needs:

New transportation – Old vehicle has gears that are slipping and will likely cost more money to repair then to just get a new little cash car.

Funds to relocate – Currently living an hour and a half way from critical and important doctors offices where my mother will be receiving treatment.

Money to stay afloat – Funds to save up for gas money, laundry money, groceries, utilities, etc.

Fun distractions – I only say this because having a twelve year old involved makes things a lot trickier. My brother is NOT taking this well and his nerves are a wreck, he’s scared out of his mind, he’s struggling in school despite our best efforts; and I just need something to help keep him preoccupied. As well as funds to take my mom out, get her some new clothes; half her clothes are beginning to not even fit her after she’s lost so much weight from surgeries and such. This is just a fourth tier possibility after meeting our immediate pressing concerns.


Again, thank you, I mean I know that it may not seem like much but really even if you just took the time to read this then that means the world to us from the very bottom of our hearts. If you cannot give anything it’s quite alright. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions (Note: We already are working with the American Cancer Society, thank you) or want to offer words of encouragement. And at the very least please at least share this page wherever you can



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  2. Marlowe Brookes · April 26, 2016

    My heart races to you all! Sharing and following.

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  3. Michael Lai · April 27, 2016

    Reblogged this on retireediary and commented:
    My original intention of creating this blog was to share anything of interest with friends. After four years of blogging, I have added other objectives such as helping others or spreading the faith. Today I am reblogging Christopher’s post as we share similar experience. Both of our mothers are suffering from colon cancer and are being treated on chemotherapy. I am reblogging Christopher’s post to see if any of my readers can help his situation.


  4. Earth Angel · April 27, 2016

    Seeing you all in God light… The angels are with you all Ask for whatever it is you since is right for all of you. Miracles are created by the pure intention. Even though this seems like it is just not right.. The best is yet to come BE the Creation that you both want.. Peace is with all of you. Financial help is on its way And so it is!!


  5. dubrovska · April 27, 2016

    Reblogged this on Journies of a seeker.

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