“New Hurdles To Overcome”



It’s been a long and difficult couple months. However we are so grateful that we are beginning to get our crowd funding campaign off the ground! Thanks to the help of over 80+ donors we have been able to raise $4,225 so far during the last month!

However we are not out of the red just yet.

Our vehicle is now completely inoperable. We anticipate on allocating some of the funds that we’ve raised towards obtaining reliable transportation but we are hitting a couple snags.

Neither myself, nor my mom, have adequate credit or sufficient enough monthly income to finance a vehicle through a car dealership. We will likely have to purchase a cash car which will significantly deplete the funds that we have raised so far which we really need to stretch as it is the only money we have to live on right now.

The problem with buying a cash car is we will have to drive over 150+ miles every other week (twice a week) back and forth to get mom to her chemo treatments. If we buy a cash car there’s the possibility it will require more maintenance and present more problems then it is worth.

Mom was also denied her disability.

We are working to appeal her denial but it is a slow moving process and we must manage to stay afloat in the meantime.

She has missed TWO rounds of chemotherapy due to not having transportation and I’m concerned that it will negatively impact her treatment.

However, despite all these obstacles, we are a strong and resilient family and these are just a few hurdles that we will certainly overcome during our journey.

Please, if at all possible, share our cause wherever you possibly can and if it is in your means please consider donating something to our IndieGoGo campaign or you can donate via PayPal using the email address cmmarq@outlook.com.

Thank you so much for your due consideration.

  • Christopher Michael


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