Why We’re Asking You To Help Our Momma. Meet Our Momma, Judi.

Everyone meet Judi. This is our Momma who was diagnosed with third stage colon cancer. Me and my 12-year-old little brother were at our wits end trying to figure out what we could do to help keep our family afloat during this turbulent season of our lives so we finally got the idea to make a cancer relief crowdfunding campaign and this website helpourmomma.com! Now let our Momma tell you a little bit about what we’ve accomplished so far and what needs to be done at this point. 

Keep reading for a transcription of the video. Make sure to check out our cancer relief crowdfunding campaign also by clicking here and contributing what you can!

Hey there. Just to kind of catch you up to what this is all about. My name is Judi Hunsuckle and this whole campaign was created by my two sons. Helpourmomma.com and I’d like to tell you why they did that and what this is all about.

Back in February our lives basically were turned upside down. I was sick and not getting any better and my doctor sent me immediately to the emergency room, I was bleeding internally, had to have blood transfusions and was sent to another hospital where I soon found out that I had stage three colon cancer. I had to have surgery. I was in there 13 days and when I came out I had to have a port placement and begin chemotherapy.

So basically what happened was I was not able to return to my job. She could not reinstate me because of the condition of dealing with all the different side effects of the chemo, the extent of appointments that take the entire day to go do. So I am on call, as needed, at my job. Light duty because I am managing a different version of myself.

This put us into immediate multiple hardships. We had a car that was on its last leg that would barely switch gears and we did not have income anymore. We were hanging by a thread. I applied for SSI disability and was denied. And through someone who saw one of the videos my sons made I received help to appeal that where I could understand how to put my medical and health history forward so that social security could understand what I’m going through.

So anyway I’m in the appeal process, I’m working every opportunity given, I’ve continued my college studies and am 53% toward obtaining a bachelors degree so I’m doing everything I can to better myself and to provide for my family but we’re literally turned upside down.

My sons created a campaign called helpourmomma.com and the very first respondents were my nephew, two friends of my son who knew him online and my sister and her husband and my brother and his wife. The very first respondents were them because they had no idea how badly we had been flipped over on our side because of this medical condition.

People began sending cards, prayers, letters; one really kind lady in New York was wanting to know shoe sizes, jean sizes, underwear sizes; because she saw that when you have a 12 year old, almost 13 year old, and a 28 year old trying to network for their momma you have to have clothes!

There was a big response of people that said, “this is all I have, this is all I can give, but I hope it helps!”And it helped! Every donation, large or small, added up in this campaign and then when my car literally became inoperable in April and I missed chemo because I was trying to figure out transportation; I took the funds that were given by people all over the United States, and some in Great Britain and in Germany, and maybe more that I don’t even know of those were just the ones I received letters from but people literally all over the globe who said many small gifts make a large.

We walked into the dealership with a down payment that was completely provided for by all these different donations from people who care and I presented my severe loss of income and we got approved for a 2005 Toyota Highlander in perfect condition that is more than adequate to get us to medical appointments and school and work and things.

So, please, I guess what I really want to show you is that I’m not any different from anybody else struggling to provide and help their family struggling with cancer. People all over the globe are going through this. You can help by going to cancer.org or you can help by giving to St. Jude’s Research Hospital, you can give by helping a family member who is struggling and overwhelmed; or you can give by helping out a fundraiser; there’s so many different things you can do and my situation is just one of many.

But I will say this that through this experience and my sons making this helpourmomma.com I’ve realized that it is okay for me to ask for help and it shows me the absolute grandeur of peoples hearts, it shows me amazing perspectives on human compassion, it humbles me greatly, it astounds my child who is nearly 13 because he was like, “I wasn’t even sure if God was real and I prayed and asked him for help and look what happened mom! Now I KNOW God is real!”

So, I’m asking you to help because I truly do need your support at this time. We are all connected together. When you help somebody and you lift them up so they can become productive again and become citizens that can give in society; you help yourself and you help your community and you help your world.

So that’s it in a nutshell. The major thing that was obtained through all the gifts was transportation but there’s more that has to be done. I’m in limbo right now. I’m appealing for SSI disability income, something so we’re not hanging by literally nothing about to fall at any minute; and that process takes time. Between now and then, you know, there still has to be transportation to chemo, there has to be gas and car insurance, there still has to be oil changes, we still need quarters to do the laundry, we still need groceries! We still need to be able to get new propane tanks so we have heated water. We still need to pay for electricity.

There’s diferent things where my Sister is helping with things but that’s going to be through December and the people who are helping it’s for a limited amount of time; people cannot hold this burden forever; and I’m relying, please, for people who do have the ability to help in some small way, or some grand way, or another; please consider doing so and realize that what you do really does have an impact on your world.

I don’t mean to go on and on but thank you so much and thank you to my son, Michael, and my son, Conor, for doing this amazing thing on my behalf. I’m truly grateful to you. It just makes my heart so huge to see my sons do such a great thing. One person wrote, “You know, I thought if it’s important enough for these two sons to reach out then it’s important enough for me to pitch in.” So I hope that you will, I hope that you will pitch in.

Thank you and God bless you!


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